• As a single person who loved working out and staying fit and healthy, it was important to me to meet someone like minded but I struggled to meet people on the same wavelength.


    I was bored of going out to bars and meeting guys, who quite often would have had too many drinks and who I wouldn't hear from again.


    I hated the fakeness of meeting someone through a dating app or website.


    I had already met all of my friends' friends....


    Meeting people was difficult!


    And I knew there must be others out there who shared my pain.


    One day I thought to myself 'How cool would it be if I could go to a fitness event and know that everyone there was single?'......and so the seeds of Gym Date were planted.....


    I wanted to provide a friendly place for people to meet, have fun and do something they enjoy together.....and if anything else happened as a result then that would be a bonus! I spent some time thinking and obsessing about the concept and I am proud to say it's finally here!


    So please, help me make it a success and come on the Gym Date journey with me! Sign up, come to the events, tell me your thoughts and spread the word!