• The Concept

    Gym Date connects people who are into fitness by providing exercise classes in London specifically for singles!


    The exercise sessions will be designed to give class members a fun but challenging workout while also providing a chance to interact with each other!


    And after the workout, while the endorphins are still high, class members will get a chance to mingle over a drink!


    What better way to meet someone than when feeling at your best on a post exercise high!

  • What is a 'Gym Date'?





    Different people may think of different things when they hear the word ‘Gym Date’ but we like to think of a Gym Date as:


    An interactive workout in a group of singles followed by drinks where people can get to know each other in a fun atmosphere while doing something they love!

  • Why do we do this?

    We know that keeping fit and healthy is important to our Gym Daters and when it comes to finding someone to get into a serious relationship with they look for someone with similar interests - someone who they can go to the gym with and do active things with. Yet a lot of them find it hard to meet like minded people and struggle finding the right sort of person in bars, online or on dating apps.


    And we know most Londoners don’t have much free time, especially time to waste going on awkward dates with people they don’t know!


    At Gym Date, we remove the awkwardness of going on one on one dates with strangers! We bring together a group of like minded people and give them the chance to meet face to face doing something they love! As the focus is on the workout, barriers are broken and the post exercise endorphins allow personalities to shine through at the post workout drinks in the pub!


    We believe in friendly, fun vibes and no pressure and enjoy bringing people together in a relaxed atmosphere.


    So check out our gallery and come and join us for our next event!