• The Concept

    Gym Date connects people who are into fitness by providing exercise classes in London specifically for singles!


    The exercise sessions will be designed to give class members a fun but challenging workout while also providing a chance to interact with each other!


    They are suitable for all fitness levels and exercise mentality types, so whatever your reason for coming is we know you'll have a great workout with us!


    And after the workout, while the endorphins are still high, class members will get a chance to mingle over a drink!


    What better way to meet someone than when feeling at your best on a post exercise high!

  • The Science

    Sweat is Sexy!

    We all know that awesome feeling at the end of a workout, when the endorphins are pumping, and you know you’ve given it everything you had, and you leave feeling totally pumped! You’re probably covered with sweat and it would be weird if you weren’t! But you’re feeling a mess and you want to hit the showers as soon as you can….


    Did you know that when it comes to dating, sweat is actually our friend! Body odour is far more important than we might realise: it sends signals to others, and those people who we are compatible with will likely find the smell attractive.


    When we sweat, we produce pheromones - chemical factors which trigger social responses in members of the same species. Different types of pheromones produce different responses and the sex pheromone is aimed at the opposite sex. So if you feel a spark of attraction with someone post-workout, you can bet it’s due to the pheromones your sweat is giving off. Yeah science, who knew!


    So it’s time to start seeing sweat as sexy and alluring and let’s embrace the sweat together!!